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Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Gir
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Wondering what to buy for a teen girl this Christmas? Holiday shopping for teens can be difficult, so get some great ideas for Christmas gifts for teenage girls!
Christmas shopping for a teenager can be difficult, particularly for family members who don't see the teen on a frequent basis. When coming up with gift ideas for a teenager, it's important to consider the teen's likes and dislikes; a gift idea that appeals to a very social teen may not work for a one who's a bit more introverted.

What's the best way to come up with a great gift idea? Ask her! Unfortunately, many teens may not provide great feedback when asked what they want for Christmas, offering a reply of "I don't know." So if the teen doesn't provide an idea for their Christmas present, try some of these great gift ideas. These ideas can be tailored to any Christmas shopping budget.

Entertainment-Related Christmas Gift Ideas for a Teen Girl
Most teenage girls enjoy music, movies, books and trips to the cinema, so entertainment-related gifts can be a good choice.

Teens enjoy spending time with their friends and the movie theatre is a popular choice for an outing. A movie theatre gift card may be much-appreciated by a teen who likes to go to the movies; but before purchasing this gift. determine what cinemas are local for the recipient. A Lowes Cinema gift card is of little use to someone who doesn't live near one of these theatres!

For a teen who enjoys staying in, a Netflix subscription may be a good gift idea. Teenage girls may also enjoy a gift card to a store like Best Buy, where she can purchase music, movies and computer games.

An MP3 player would be a great gift for a teenage girl, providing she doesn't already have one – she may appreciate an iTunes gift card instead, enabling her to stock her iPod with new music, TV show episodes and movies. Gift cards to a store like Borders or to a website like Amazon.com are a great option for a teen who enjoys reading; and if there's not a book that strikes her fancy, she can purchase a movie or CD, as these are also sold at Borders and Amazon.

Fashion-Related Holiday Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls
When it comes to fashion-related gifts like clothing, jewelry and makeup, it's best to opt for a gift card unless the shopper is extremely close with and in daily contact with the recipient. And even then, it's best to include a gift receipt.

Gift cards make a great Christmas gift for a teenage girl, but it's important to determine her general style before purchasing a gift card. A youth who shops at Hot Topic will not appreciate a gift card to the Gap!

A gift certificate to a store like Claire's can make a great gift idea for teen girls who enjoy jewelry and hair accessories. An older girl who's enthusiastic about jewelry may really appreciate a more expensive, sophisticated jewelry item from a store like Tiffany & Co., which does offer a wide array of gift ideas for shoppers with a moderate to large holiday budget.

Some teens are also very into makeup, so a gift card to Clinique or Sephora may be much-appreciated. But again, this is a gift idea that will only appeal to a girl who's enthusiastic about makeup; a "tom boy" is more apt to use a Sephora gift card to scrape the ice off her car window!

More Great Gift Ideas for a Teenager
Still unsure on what to buy a teenage girl for Christmas? Pre-paid credit cards can be presented and used like a gift card. Pre-paid credit cards make a great gift for a teenage girl, since she can use the card to purchase clothing, music or other items online, or she can use the money to put gas in her car or perhaps she'll use the card to pay for dinner and movie with friends. A pre-paid credit card is versatile and affordable, since the holiday shopper can select the precise value of the card.

Mall gift cards – like a Simon Mall gift card – are another great gift idea for a teenager; this enables the teen to use the gift card at any store in the mall!

For holiday shoppers who hate to present only a gift card, purchase a small, inexpensive accessory or trinket to present with the gift card. For instance, if purchasing an iTunes gift card as a gift for a teen who owns an iPod, purchase an inexpensive iPod case to present in addition to the gift card.

Christmas shopping for a teenage girl can be challenging. The key to finding a great present for a teenager? Consider the teen's style and likes, and when in doubt, opt for the ever-versatile gift card or pre-paid credit card because virtually all teenage girls love shopping!

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