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Kids birthday party games
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This article is a continuation of the previous one in the series of covering and ideas for themed parties for kids.If your little ones birthday is coming soon, a themed party is something that might interest you. These parties are very popular with young children. So if you plan one, here are few more birthday games ideas for different themes of birthday parties.1. Rock Toss for a Bob the builder partyRock toss can be played on the lines of the egg toss or balloon toss. Make some rocks using grey socks, and filling them with a handfull of beans, and seal the rocks with a rubber band.Make pairs of kids and let each pair have a rock of their own.The game begins with two kids standing a foot away from one another, one kid holding the rock and when you say "toss" the child will toss their rock to the partner, who has to catch it.If the partner catches the rock, the pair stays in the game. but if the partner drops it, the pair is out of the game.After every catch, the pair who are still in the game, have to take a step away from each other and continue tossing the rock. The last pair remaining without dropping their rock, stays in the game.2. Who is the Pony on my back? for a My Little Pony PartyYou need My little pony stickers of all the my little pony characters for this game. Divide the kids in pairs or have a group of three if you have an odd number.Place a different sticker on the back of each guest. Now each child then has a look at the pony on their partners back. Each child then has to guess the pony on their back by asking questions to their partner such as "Am I blue?", "Is my mane pink?"Each pair wins prizes for guessing their ponies.
3. Guess the cars in the jar for a Cars birthday PartyYou need to do a bit of preparation before the party for this game. Prepare 3-4 glass jars with few small toy cars in them. Stick to a number less than 10 in each jar. Have different types of vehicles in each jar such as cars in one jar, jeeps in another, little buses in one.Let the children sit in a circle and pass the jar around, and let each of them take a turn at guessing the cars in the jarThere are plenty of kids birthday party games which can be easily transformed into a themed party game.
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