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Log cabin decorating is inspired by forests, mountains, and lakes along with our history as pioneers
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Log cabin decorating is a style that immediately brings us back to our roots as pioneers. It is a rustic, warm style with an aura that charms even the most sophisticated among us.

Who among us does not immediately relax in the warmth of a blazing fireplace in a ski lodge? Who can resist accepting an invitation to go hunting, fishing, or skeet shooting at a colleague's mountain retreat? The warmth and comfort of a log cabin or lodge home is settled deep in our souls and psyches, a gift from our pioneer ancestors.

Log cabins can be found almost anywhere
The popularity of a log home can be gauged by the fact that you can find one just about anyplace you visit. From the western plains, to the Adirondacks, to the Maine woods, log cabins abound.
There may be some regional differances in the log cabin decorating styles, but for the most part, lodge decorating is a rustic style that fits any part of the country.

Colors and Fabrics Used in Log Cabin Decorating Styles

Generally log cabins take their cues from the surrounding area.

If your cabin is in the West, the colors will be the browns and tans of the earth, the turquoise of the skies and the grays and sage greens of the deserts and cactus.
If your log home is located in the East in the Adirondacks or the Maine woods, the colors would be the clear blues of the lakes and northern skies. The greens would be the spruce, pine, and forest green of the trees surrounding your cabin along with the natural browns of the beech, oak, and maple trees and a touch of birch bark.

Leather upholstered furniture is commonly found in log cabin decorating. Natural fabrics of wool and flannel are on hand for warmth on the cold nights. Pendleton blankets in the East, and Navajo blankets in the West are a common sight in cabins and lodges.

Plaids and stripes are often used and animal patterned fabrics are always appropriate in log cabin decorating. Handmade quilts you can wrap yourself into on colder nights bring a sense of down home comfort and nostalgia. Boldly patterned throw rugs on wood flooring and Navajo weavings hung on walls go well with cabin decorating.

Log Cabin Decorating Furniture Styles
In times past before transportation was as simple as it is today, cabin owners often used horses or hiked to arrive at their log home. Because of this fact, much of the furniture used in lodge and cabin decorating was originally made from trees cut from the cabin site.
Even today, beds, tables and chairs are often rustic, simply constructed pieces made from logs and local unfinished lumber. In the south, furniture made from twigs is commonly used for cabin furniture.

Cabin Decorating Accessories are Rustic in Style
Along with the furniture, accessories were also made from on the spot materials. Lamp bases were often constructed from small logs. Pictures were framed with twigs. Baskets were woven from reeds.

If the purpose of the lodge is sport, you have a natural decorating theme all laid out for you.

Antique fishing creels
Canoe paddles
Shadow box of old fishing lures
Wall cabinet holding fishing poles
Mounted fish (that didn't get away)
Hat rack holding fly fishing hats with lures attached

If hiking is your style, a collection of walking sticks in an umbrella holder could be displayed in the entry way or on the porch
A collection of framed topography maps or maps of hiking trails
A collection of old canteens or other hiking paraphernalia
Framed photos of views from top vantage points

Mounted animal heads and antlers
Duck Decoys
Antique guns
Framed antique (or reproductions) of Sears Roebuck pages showing prices of guns of early 1900's
Collection of duck whistles, turkey calls, deer calls, etc.

Winter Sports
A wooden peg holder displaying antique skis and ski poles
A display of various types of snowshoes
A bucket of antique ice fishing traps
Framed wall maps showing ski trails of local mountains
A collection of antique chocolate mugs on the sideboard or coffee table

Kitchen and Bath Accessories in Cabin Decorating

As with every other room, kitchens and baths are usually rustic in design. A slate sink with a cloth curtain around it to hide soaps and cleaning supplies is sometimes found in cabins and lodges. Appliances are usually a retro style. Old toasters and 50's radios fit into this decor. A wall display of old kitchen utensils could be used here. Perhaps a display of old keys on an ancient key rack would look well.
Pots and pans of blue or white enamelware or cast iron could add a decorative accent, especially an old blue enamelware coffeepot displayed on the stove. Beanpots are ideal containers for holding various kitchen utensils.
Dishes are pottery or stoneware and if made by a local potter add charm to the cabin decorating scheme. The table is usually covered in oilcloth if you can get it, or vinyl is a good substitute. Don't forget to add baskets for holding flatware and napkins made by local artists if available.
A kerosene lantern and candles are almost a necessity and add to that authentic camp atmosphere.
In the bathroom, wooden wainscoting adds authenticity to the decor. Oak toilet seats and shutters also add to the scene. A collection of mustache cups and shaving brushes, along with a razor strop could be displayed if the room is large enough.
If you are lucky enough to have a claw foot tub, pedestal sink, and pull chain toilet, you already have more than enough details to give you the camp decorating look you are creating.

Last but not least, don't forget the porch

Every cabin has to have a porch. Where else would you sit in the evening and listen to the crickets or the loons on the lake?
Adirondack chairs and log rocking chairs with reed seats are a natural for this area. After a day of hiking or sport, this is just the spot to relax and put your feet up when the weather is cooperating.
Forget the dishes, forget the household chores, forget all the things jumbling around in your mind.

Just sit, relax, breathe in the fresh air, and thank God you had another day to enjoy your life!

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