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When decorating Tuscan style, it helps to remember that the past is always present
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Look around a Tuscan home and you get the feeling of stepping back in time

Decorating Tuscan style is enjoying a great revival because of the wonderful novel "Under the Tuscan Sun". I personally loved the book and couldn't wait to see the movie. I was in line the day it was released in our town. Because I read the book, the story line of the movie was a great disappointment. However, all was not lost because I was able to view the wonderful landscape of Tuscany. I also could see first hand the architecture and interiors of Italian country homes and that alone was of great benefit to me.

Decorating Tuscan Style is a Country Style of Decorating
In Italy, the traditional country style home is not the grand country manor found in England and France. Italian country style homes belonged to the farmers and tradesmen of the area. The traditional homes were simply furnished and decorated with items produced by local craftsmen.
No inlaid furniture or Waterford crystal would be found here. These homes reflected the simple life and tastes of the Italian farmers and local workers. This is not a new contemporary style, rather a revival of an Italian style of decorating tuscan style that has been around since the Roman days.
The Italian country style of decorating is not to be confused with the Italian Classic Style of the grand marble edifaces of Rome.

Colors Used in Decorating Tuscan Style
The colors used when decorating Tuscan style are of paramount importance. They set the tone for the entire home and decorating scheme.  Historically Italians have been very close to the land. Is it any wonder that when the choice of colors must be made, the colors of nature and the surrounding landscape would be the preferred colors?

Warm colors dot the Tuscan landscape. The deep reds and bright ochers are prevalent in Mediterranean style decorating. Earthbound colors of deep umbers, grays and all shades of white are also popular.
Because heat and bright sun prevail most of the year, many people prefer a neutral palette to offset the glare and light of the Italian sun. Pale grays, beiges, cool blues, cream to off-whites are used to bring coolness indoors and reduce the glare of the hot sun.
Check out the colors used in the print in the right column to get a view of popular colors used in Tuscan decorating. This landscape is a great jumping off place to start building your color scheme. It would also fit right into your decorating tuscan style scheme and is available from Art.com.

Textures and Fabrics Used When Decorating Tuscan Style
Natural textures are the main part of decorating tuscan style. Wood, stone and marble are the main construction materials. Wrought iron is used extensively.
Floors are constructed of terra cotta tiles, mosaic, and stone. Old wood floors are also found in Italian country homes. Walls are rough plastered and beamed ceilings are common in the area.
Although antique fabrics are often sought after, because of their fragility they are used more for decorative accents. Fabrics used most often are natural fabrics such as cottons and linens.
Pale softly colored fabrics with patterns of stripes or toile patterns are favored for linens and bedding when decorating tuscan style. Lace is commonly used for decorating tuscan style window treatments

Furniture Used When Decorating Tuscan Style
One of the most important pieces of furniture in the Tuscan style home is the kitchen table. No small delicate table will be found here. The kitchen table was the heart of the home. Because of the large fireplaces found in the kitchen, it was often the warmest room in the home during the colder months. Family life revolved around these large, solid tables. Meals were prepared here, family and friends gathered here and shared their lives with each other. In the summer months the table was brought outside to provide the al fresco dining that Italians have brought to an art form.
Homes usually had a large kitchen cupboard to hold kitchen utensils and food. Some lucky families also had a cupboard in the bedroom for holding linens and clothing. These were not beautifully carved and adorned pieces of furniture. Instead they were large, sturdy, usually unadorned pieces of practical furniture. Occasionally if you are lucky, you may be able to find one that is beautifully painted and decorated in wonderful Tuscan colors.
Every town had an iron monger. They had often spent many years as an apprentice and much of their work was not only practical, but also had a wonderful design that many consider to be a great art form.
Many of the beds of the area were made of metal. Gates and doors were also decorated by the local iron worker. Door knockers, hinges, shutter holders were all practical items that were turned in decorative touches by these local artisans.

Accessories Used in Tuscan Style Decorating

Below is a list of items that give the Tuscan style look:
white chunky china
homemade baskets
hand hammered kitchen utensils
terra cotta pots
stoneware pottery
metal lights and chandeliers
decorative straw hats
wooden peg holders
cooking pots hanging in the kitchen fireplace
metal plates and cups
wooden kitchen utensils

Decorating Tuscan Style Means Using the Outdoors

Life in Italy consists of the outdoors as much or more so than indoor living. Every home has a terrace or arbor where al fresco dining is regularly carried on.
Another Italian structure is called a loggia. This is a shaded structure where eating, sleeping and just outdoor relaxing can be done
As much thought and care is given to outdoor living and design as is spent on indoor structures. Shady, peaceful areas are constructed of stone and brick to make terraces and steps. Gardens are beautifully and carefully designed to provide comfortable spaces for relaxation and contemplation.
After all, what is the sense of living in a warm, sunny climate with exciting, expanding views if people don't take the time to relax and enjoy the surroundings?

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