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Cottage style decorating is casual and breezy
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No formality found here, just a relaxed and mellow put your feet up style
Cottage style decorating is a great "get away from it all" style. There are no illusions of grandeur or pretensions of snobbery attached to cottage style. This is a welcome, come in and put your feet up, relax and enjoy yourself style of decorating. This is one of the easiest styles to use if you are starting out with nothing and are on a strict budget.

If your budget says flea markets, garage sales and hand me downs are your current options
If you love the homey, nostalgic look
If you are into romantic or vintage style decorating
If you're a romantic drawn to items like beautiful silk shawls, antique quilts, flower arrangements in antique vases and crocks
If you love mixing furniture and accessories without regard to style, but only because you're drawn to them

Then Cottage Style Decorating may be the style for you. If you love flea market decorating, this is also a great place to use all those great items you have picked up a yard and garage sales.

Can I only use this cottage style decorating in a beach cottage or a cabin on the lake?
Absolutely not! This style is so loved because it has nothing to do with location or architecture. The attraction of this style is that it can be achieved anywhere and in any space

A Cottage by the Water
Is your home by the water? Beach cottage style is a wonderful way to go here. Clean unadorned lines add to the cottage style. No heavy carpeting is found here. Painted floors with sisal or canvas rugs are perfect for this beach house decor. After all, who wants to spend their lovely beach weather vacuuming sand from floors?
Wicker is a natural when paired with a beach location. If you have only some heavy dark wood furniture that has no monetary value to speak of, who says you can't paint it, even if it is walnut or mahogany? Whitewash some of the larger pieces or paint it with some light pastels or off white colors. Good furniture always gives good service no matter if it's painted or stained.
Light pastels, particularly in the greens, blues and whites add a cool crisp feeling to cottage style. Always a favorite is also the red, white and blue nautical combination.
Chintz, denim and cotton duck along with large florals and/or stripes are popular fabric combinations for cottage style decorating. Most beach homes have beautiful views and draperies should be minimal. Light and airy fabrics are preferred.
Shells, driftwood, natural baskets are some of the more popular accessories. Don't get too many accessories in your cottage as this should be or resemble a vacation retreat. Remember, housekeeping chores should be kept to a minimum when you are on vacation.

A Rustic Cottage in the Woods
You don't have to be a rugged outdoorsman to enjoy a getaway in the woods or by a lake. Who doesn't love a crackling fire in the evening, the sound of crickets, the bubbling of a nearby brook?
The mountains, woods and streams are our natural heritage, and we all long for a connection with our past. While the beach cottage is light and breezy, the mountain cabin is warm and cozy. There is still the same welcoming put your feet up feeling in decorating the rustic cabin.
A casual mix of furniture is the hallmark of cottage style decorating in a log cabin. Log furniture, Arts and Crafts and Mission style furniture, along with natural wicker add to the decorating style. Leather is also used in cottage decorating a cabin.
Walls are often natural stained or painted wood panels that help give the cottage a cozy ambiance. Don't forget, you can also paint the ceilings a rich color to add spice to your color scheme.
Fabrics are warm and comfortable. Woolens, flannels, cottons and linens work well in this setting. Window dressings are usually straight panels or a valance across the top. Patterns are plaids, wildlife prints, paisleys or geometrics. Navajo and Chief Joseph Indian weave blankets are often found in this style of decorating.
Accessories are vintage lamps, wrought iron accessories, stoneware, nature pictures, fish and animal taxidermy, and outdoor items such as fishing or hunting tools and accessories.

A Dorm Style Bedroom
Many cottages have dormitory style bedrooms to accommodate many guests and children. Here is a great example of cottage style decorating with bedroom furniture. Look here for some great cottage style furniture.

Is Cottage Style Right for You?
Cottage style decorating offers a casual approach to decorating your home, no matter where you live or the size of your space. It is an inviting and imaginative style, and if you love to mix and match furniture and accessories, it is hard to go wrong with this approach.
The only caveat I would offer is to avoid the "cutesy"look. Don't feel you have to fill every nook and cranny with every beach or rustic tourist item you come across. A hand carved lighthouse or authentic birdhouse is one thing. A plastic seashell light catcher is another. Keep it real. Keep it simple. Then your style will always look fresh and enchanting.

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