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Colonial style decorating is refined and elegant
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The Colonial style decorating period ranged roughly from 1600 to the 1800 hundreds. This style is rooted in 17th century English architecture. The term "colonial style decorating" actually covers a time period of over 300 years. It begins with the homes of the first settlers and continues to the Georgian period of the late 1600 hundreds through the Federal style of the late 1700 and early 1800 hundreds.
Fine Homes Were Built Using Designs by English Artchitects
Because there were no trained architects in this new country, most fine homes of the land were built by local carpenters using English designs. There was no mass production and everything was done by hand using only local building materials. The homes had simple uncluttered lines. Because of this elegant simplicity, these homes are still in fashion today and have stood the test of time.

Federal Style Decorating was Being Influenced by Europe
Federal style or Neoclassical, recalls the era from before the colonies revolted to about 1850. At this time, classically trained architects began to practice in America. Influenced by the British Regency and the French Empire styles being used in Europe, this is a simpler but more elegant style then the Fine Tradtional decorating style used in Europe in that time period.

While the more affluent section of the population decorated in the Colonial Georgian and Federal styles, most of the people of the colonial time period decorated their homes in a more rustic approach that is sometimes called "Early American" and today comes under the heading of "Country Decorating". Check out "Country Decorating" if this is the colonial style decorating you are interested in using.

Characteristics of a Georgian Home
Georgian homes had an elegant simplicity. Painted panel walls were finished with crown molding. Sash windows were divided into many small panes. Built in closets, wood floorboards, and elaborate paneled fireplaces were hallmarks of a Georgian home. Early colonial homes had exposed beams, but these were replaced by plastered ceilings as time went on.

A Formal Home is Appropriate for Federal Style Decorating
Formal homes with large, airy, well-proportioned rooms are most appropriate for this type of decorating. Federal style homes are noted for their elaborate crown moldings, mantelpieces, and casings. Many homes sported Ionic and Corinthian columns around doors and windows. Ornate paneling, plaster moldings, and spiral staircases were the hallmark of Federal style homes.

Furniture Styles Used in Federal and Colonial Style Decorating
A broad range of styles appeared during this time period. Queen Anne, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, and Sheraton are some of the styles associated with this time period. Duncan Phyfe was one of the premier furniture makers of this time period.
Much of 18th century furniture uses mahogany wood. The lines of the furniture tend toward elegance and sensuous curves. Queen Anne and Chippendale variations use ornate carvings and frequently base the design around curves. Sheraton style often features classic elements of form and ornament, using swags, urns and medallions. Inlays were also used in this type of furniture.

Colonial Style Dining Room
Traditional sofas and chairs with curved lines are upholstered with heavy luxurious fabrics such as velvets and tapestries. Here you will find button-tufting and elaborate trims.

Colors Used in Colonial Style Decorating
Colonial colors were based on natural pigments and because of this have soft muted hues. Cream was the favorite for walls and woodwork. Deep green was a favorite as was mustard yellow. The blues ranged from a soft muted blue found on Chinese porcelain to a soft blue gray. Barn red is a color that was often used and browns and taupes were the neutral choices.
Paint stores have charts showing colonial colors as many historic homes must be painted according to National Historic Homes guidelines.

Colors Used in Federal Style Decorating
Bright clear hues were the norm during the age of Federal style decorating. Greens were vibrant and the golds bordered on bright yellow. Blues were midtoned with a green undertone and browns were spiced colored. Cream was often used as a background color and for the woodwork.

Accessories Used in Colonial Style Decorating
Accessories that work with colonial style decorating include delicate embroidery like crewel and Jacobean needlework, needlepoint samplers, family portraits and pewter. The silver work of Paul Revere was also treasured in colonial style decorating.
Oriental ginger jars, ivory, and other accessories brought from the Orient by clipper ships were also considered important decorative accents. The eagle, the new symbol of the Federal government became a popular motif at the time of the Federal era and was used extensively as a decorative accent.

As with Fine Traditional Decorating, Colonial Style Decorating is Elegant and Refined
The overall impression of a Colonial style home is refinement and elegance. This gives the overall impression of importance and richness to the surroundings. You do not need to live in a large, gracious home to use this style. I have seen this style used in Cape Cods, Garrisons, and Saltbox homes. If this is a style you appreciate, it can be adapted to suit your surroundings.
Do not let yourself be intimidated or limit your horizons because you feel your home is not the right backdrop for a Traditional or Colonial decorating style.
It's your home, and your preferences. Do what pleases you and enjoy it!

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