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The 11th China International Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning Expo(CIHE & HVAC 2011)
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The 11th China International Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning Expo(CIHE & HVAC 2011)
Time: 3 March 2011 - 5 March 2011
Description: The global leading HVAC Expo

The 11th China International Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning Expo(CIHE & HVAC 2011)

Dates: March 3-5, 2011
Venue: China International Exhibition Center (Hall 1A, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Expo theme:
Reducing Building Energy Consumption;
Promoting Energy-saving and Low-carbon Emission;

Concurrent themes:
The 8th China International Radiator Products and Accessories Exhibition
The 6th China (Beijing) International Floor Heating System Exhibition
The 2nd China International Domestic Hot Water and Water Purification Equipment and Technology Exhibition
The 7th China International Air-conditioning, Ventilation and Heat Pump Products and Technology Expo

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)

Beijing B & D Tiger Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Overseas Co-organizer
Leipziger Messe International GmbH

Construction Industry Sub-council of CCPIT
Architectural Society of China HVAC&R Committee
Heating and Radiator Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association
Water Supply and Drainage Equipment Sub-council of China Construction Metal Structure Association
Floor-heating Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association
Individual Gas Heating Sub-council of Application Committee of China City Gas Society
Floor-heating Chamber of Beijing Municipal Construction Engineering Material Association
Geothermal Committee of China Energy Sources Association
China Building Decoration Association
China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation

LONMARK International (USA)
National Air Duct Cleaners Association (USA)

Overseas Media Partners

The 11th China International Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Expo (CIHE & HVAC 2011) is to take place at China International Exhibition Center on March 3-5, 2011, occupying hall 1A, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7,8 about 42,000 square meters, expecting 650 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors from the whole world. The CIHE & HVAC 2011 organizing committee has begun to carefully prepare the highly expected grand HVAC feast of 2011 for the international HVAC manufacturers and professionals. Rare and must-not-missing business opportunities are ready for you to cherish once and forever.

The 10th China International Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Expo (CIHE & HVAC 2010) has successfully drawn its closing ceremony accompanied by its grand celebration of its 10th anniversary in March which marks the first ten years beautifully ending. The past ten years witnessed the whole development course of CIHE & HVAC all across the years of initial establishment, to the following gradual expansion, then rapid growth of past several years with the top development of CIHE & HVAC 2010.

Since its inception in 2001, CIHE & HVAC has been dedicating itself to build an all-around, high-level and high-efficiency trade platform for HVAC industry. Its professional spirit and international operation gains good reputation from the whole industry, its trade effect and brand are recognized by international leading companies; meanwhile, it is widely considered “The Leading HVAC Expo in the World”.

The high-level communication platform provided by CIHE & HVAC is second to none. Over 37,000 professionals and traders from all over the world took part in CIHE & HVAC 2010 to show their products and technology, to purchase equipments, to seek cooperation opportunity and to talk about the newest technology. The chance to talk with attendees from all over the world is also rarely available. By participating in CIHE & HVAC and entering the cooperation circle of the global HVAC industry, you will obtain unparalleled competitive advantage that you could ever imagine.

For the already attending exhibitors, the CIHE &HVAC 2011 means more confidence and great hope. For the potential exhibitors, it is the high time for you to grasp the chance, not losing the important trade show for your products and services entering the promising Chinese market.

Exhibits Profile
1. Heating Equipments and Installations
Energy-efficiency tech & equipments; boiler, wall-hung boiler, burner; radiator and sets; thermometer, temperature controller and tech; floor heating, electric heating; solar energy, heat exchanger-

2. Indoor Environment, Air-conditioning and Ventilation Area
Air-conditioning unit, air-conditioner & accessories; refrigeration equipment & accessories; indoor environment/air treatment system; heat pump air-conditioning system; ventilation equipment & accessories-
3. Pump, Valve, Water Supply/Drainage Area
Pump, valve, pipe of water supply/drainage; water supply/drainage & water treatment system; new water saving equipment & technology-
4. Building Integrated Solar Energy System Area
Solar water heater; solar heating system; solar thermal collector; photovoltaic/thermal integrated buildings solar system product & photovoltaic product; Solar external wall & ceiling sets; measurement & control system; new energy resources energy-saving technology & product-
5. Gas Technology and Equipment Area
Gas fired boiler; gas heating technology equipment, gas central air-conditioning; gas application technology; gas automation control/warning system; new special gas pipe & equipment; other technology & equipment related urban gas…

Exhibiting Charge of CIHE & HVAC 2011
1. Domestic Enterprises:
Shell Scheme (9 m2): RMB9800 Raw Space (minimum 36 m2): RMB1080/ m2
2. Joint Ventures:
Shell Scheme (9 m2): RMB11800 Raw Space (minimum 36 m2): RMB1280/ m2
3. Foreign-funded Enterprises:
Shell Scheme (9 m2): $3000 Raw Space (minimum 36 m2): $300/m2
Shell Scheme Booth consists of: built exhibition booth, carpet, one desk, two chairs, two spotlights, one power socket (220V), security guard and cleanup, etc.
(Notice: Special decoration booth will be charged for their construction management fee and electric fee.)

Advertisement and Propaganda at the Expo
As to the detailed information about advertisement, promotion plan at the Exhibition Center or in the Catalogue, please contact with the organizing committee.
1. Cover: RMB22000; inside front cover:RMB20000
2. The title page: RMB18000; inside back cover: RMB20000
3. Back Cover: RMB22000; inside page(color): RMB8000; inside page(black-and-white): RMB4500
4. Admission ticket: the back advertisement, print total 200, 000 copies, every 50, 000 as a group, the charge is RMB30, 000 per group.
5. Handbag: 5, 000 as a group, the charge is RMB50, 000 per group.
Visitor card badge: 10, 000 as a group, the charge is RMB30, 000 per group.
6. Rope of the badge: 10, 000 as a group, the charge is RMB10, 000 per group.
7. Exhibitor card badge: Exclusive entitle for the show, RMB10,000.

Colorful Concurrent Activities of CIHE & HVAC 2011
1. The 3rd China Heating Conference (CHC2011)
2. 2011 Real Estate Energy-saving Accessories Purchasing Fair
3. China Heating and Radiator Industry Top 20 Brand Evaluation Activities
4. 2011 China Individual Gas Heating Innovative Product and Technology Communicating Seminar
5. China Floor-heating Industry Top 20 Brand Evaluation Activity, the 3rd China-Japan-Korea Floor-heating Development Forum and 2010 Floor-heating Industry Prize Awarding Meeting
6. The Activity of 2011 VIP Member Visiting Delegation Expo Attendance from HVAC Main Media
7. 2011 China Heat Pump, Air-conditioning System Special Design and Application Case Communicating Seminar
Note: As for detailed information of the expo activities, please consult the organizing committee.

Participation Procedures
1. Fill in the Space Reservation Form accurately, sign or stamp on it, and fax or mail to us;
2. After having received your application, a formal contract will be sent to confirm your booth number, rental fee and the deposit of your booth. Please make sure to return it to us in one week.
3. The exhibitors should pay 50% of the total rental fee as the deposit to the organizer within 7 working days after your confirmation. The 50% balance shall be paid before December 1st, 2010;
4. Exhibitors should pay the exhibition fees via wire transfer, and fax the copy of transfer documents to the organizing committee. The exhibitor’s manual will be delivered two month before the expo.
5. Only the applied and registered products in the Space Reservation Form can be allowed to promote and exhibit during the expo.
Important Note: Reservation without 50% deposit will be treated as invalid. The deposit is non-refundable and will be deducted from the final invoice for the cost of participation.

Why choose CIHE & HVAC 2011?
1. The rising market demand for HVAC products in China
Currently, it is known that China has been considered as the economic power house of the world, the cities are in the development of urbanization process. As reported, 4000 billion Yuan will be invested in real estate industry and 2.77 billion square meter area will be under construction. On the other hand, Chinese customers have a special need for improving living environment by using fine-designed products. CIHE & HVAC 2011 is the precious chance for you to bring your product and service to the Chinese customers.

2. Globally enjoyed prestige and worldwide recognition
Ten years’ successful experiences have won the hearts and got loyal supports from the professionals and experts, manufactures, dealers, real estate developers, architects and contractors in the industry with its convincing ,vivid features of mass foreign visitors and media attendance and wide range of authoritative exhibitor participation worldwide. Currently, it has recognized as the Leading HVAC Expo in Asian, with unparalleled scale and professional standard, gradually spreading to the global corner.

3. Strong ties and mass cooperation with international media and associations
The CIHE & HVAC 2011 will also be strongly supported by dozens of media and associations both from home and abroad as usual, which includes 15 domestic and foreign associations, 325 media inside and outside China, 4 foreign HVAC expositions. In addition, there are 19 overseas Chinese embassies and trade promotion agencies.

4. Convenient and advanced exhibition facilities and overall
Located at downtown, China International Exhibition Center is considered as the most favorable exhibiting place for both foreign and domestic exhibitors and visitors, because of the advanced displaying equipment, convenient transportation and neighborhood facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, and even sightseeing sites.

5. Series of value-added services offered by the Organizing Committee.
The Organizing Committee will provide a series of value-added services including on-site promotion, exposure of exhibitors’ information and logo through exhibition and partners’ websites, exhibition express distribution for free. Plus, the Organizing Committee cooperates with Journal of HV&AC, which is the leading HVAC journal in China. Exhibitors’ information will be published as advertisement in the supplement of the journal. Monthly 40,000 copies will be directly delivered to the field professionals like engineer, purchasers, designing institutes, property developers who may be your clients.
City: Beijing
Industry: Building Materials & Interior Decoration
Venue: China International Exhibition Centre
Address: Room 380, 4/F, Hall 1, China International Exhibition Center, No. 6 East Beisanhuan Road, Beijing, China
Contact name: Luisa Yu
Contact tel: +86 (0)10-84600666
Contact email: Luisayu@cihe-hvac.com
Contact fax: +86 (0)10-84600669
Links: www.cihe-hvac.com/en

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