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Tips for Decorating Your Christmas Tree
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Ribbon is a great alternative to tinsel. It’s less cleanup and safe for kids. Designer Frank Fontana used gold ribbon to give this tree an elegant look, while also tying in with the color of the walls. In addition, he added bright red and green ornaments to repeat the Tuscan theme of the room.

One of the hottest new color palettes is copper and teal, which is an update on the chocolate and robin's egg blue from the past few years. Designer Erinn Valencich uses a few different types of greenery, including bay leaves, glitter sprigs and deep copper leaves, to create a nice contrast with the tree. Another trendy design element is feathers, which Valencich uses as a topper to add height to the tree.

Erinn's Holiday Decorating Tips:

When using larger ornaments, place them deeper into the tree so that the color radiates from the center.
Pay attention to placement. If you're eyeing some special ornaments this season, you don't have to buy a lot of them. By placing them in the front, your guests will never know you only have a few.


Inspired by the retro red chairs from the kitchen, host Karen McAloon designs a unique Christmas display that brightens the space for the holidays.


The bright gold is a classic vintage color, and since the tree is so elaborate, Valencich didn’t use a lot of ornaments. To soften the look of this tree, she added a green-gold metallic ribbon. Coordinating the tree skirt is an important element to having a cohesive look. Since it can be tricky to find skirts in different colors, Valencich used a golden curtain panel. The look of a metallic tree works just as well in a traditional home as it does in a contemporary one and it’s sure to be a standout in yours.


To tie this guest room together, McAloon decorates the tree with blue ornaments and a silver topper. The only trick to having a black Christmas tree is to make sure the ornaments are high contrast in order to play up the dramatic color.


To take advantage of the black and white trend, Valencich started with a pre-lit, pre-flocked artificial tree. Black pinecones, elegant icicles, crystal bunches and fuzzy snowflakes add the perfect amount of contrast and beauty to the tree.


To play up the contrast on this flocked tree, Valencich adds traditional ornaments in red, green and gold. Metallic ribbon and golden leaves are the final touches on this classic tree.


Muted gold is really fresh look this season, so Valencich transformed her bright green tree by spray painting it gold and then lightly flocking it with spray snow. The effect gives the tree a soft glow. Since this tree is very skinny, she adds volume with antique gold bay leafs and oversized ornaments.


Valencich's final tree has a traditional look with golds, greens and deep reds for a cohesive look throughout the home..

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