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Inspiring Ideas From Sarah's Holiday Party
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Each year, designer Sarah Richardson throws a holiday party for family and friends. This year, you're invited! See Sarah's hosting tips and fresh take on Christmas decor and get inspired to deck the halls for your own holiday gathering.

Ornaments Aplenty

When it comes to trimming the tree, Sarah isn't afraid to mix things up. Ornaments in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors create a vibrant look that's anything but ordinary. For extra sparkle, Sarah places shiny ornaments close to the trunk to reflect the tree's lights.


Dressed-Up Wreath

When an unadorned LED wreath didn't have quite the wow factor Sarah was looking for, she wrapped it in inexpensive feather boas, adding lushness while still allowing light to shine through.


Appetizing Design

Presentation is key when serving food for a holiday party. A few kale leaves add a hit of color to this cheese platter, while vegetables served out of glass vases are an unexpected yet elegant touch.


Choosing a Tree

Frasier fir is Sarah's Christmas tree of choice. Unlike other species with long, sharp needles, Frasier fir's short, soft needles allow ornaments to really stand out.


Unconventional Colors

Don't be afraid to stray from the traditional Christmas shades when decorating for a holiday party. Hot pink peonies, a lime green vase and a bowl of oranges spice up Sarah's buffet.


Simple and Elegant

You can never go wrong with white serving platters for a holiday party. Not only are they inexpensive, but they also make food look spectacular.


Assorted Eats

To appease all of her guests, Sarah offers a variety of food at her holiday party, ranging from delectable sweets to healthy fruits and veggies.

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