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Solar Powered Holidays Decorations
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If you love decorating for the holidays, but would like to decorate a little more green this year, solar decorations are an option. Eco-friendly wreathes, icicles, stars, snowmen, santas, globes and even string lights are all available and ready to light up your home and garden. You won't have to mess with wires and in the long run, you will save money on your electric bill. Take a look below at the brief list of solar powered decorations available.

1. Solar Powered Peace Wreath
If peace is what you are trying to convey this year, take a look at the solar powered peace wreath. It uses LED bulbs and solar power. The color options for now seem to be either white or red.


2. Solar Christmas Lights Wreath
Here is more of a traditional wreath with a solar cell that charges the lights during the day and a photo cell that turns the lights on automatically in the evening and off in the morning. Again choose between a red or white wreath.


3. Lighted Solar Icicle Garland With Blue/White LED's
If icicles are your preferred decoration of this year, you should be happy to know they come in solar too. Each icicle (6 in all) is spaced 19 inch apart on a barely visible wire, which is connected to a tall stake. The icicles change colors from blue to white.


4. Solar Lighted Starburst Garland Blue/White LED's
Sometimes when you decorate you like to mix in a few twinkling stars. If that is the case take a look at this solar decoration. It is similar to the Lighted Solar Icicle Garland above, but instead of having 6 hanging icicles, it has 6 twinkling stars. Personally, I like this one best.


5. Solar Starburst Garden Stake
Another star decoration is the Solar Starbust Garden Stake. It's a pretty blue star on a stake. Like most solar decorations, the solar panel is in the stake. A color-changing LED allows the star to twinkle at night. The best part about this item is that the star is such a versatile decoration it is possible to use it year round.


6. Holiday Snowman Solar Light Set - 4 pc
This solar powered product is cute. The perfect gift for all those that love Frosty the Snowman, except these snowmen won't melt. The Holiday Snowman Solar Light Set takes in the sun and shines bright all night as the snowmen hang joyfully on their shepherd's hooks.


7. Solar "Cracked"-Glass Globe
If you like globes, here is one that is hand painted and has an LED bulb. The Solar Glass Globe emits blue lights through "cracked" glass and is decorated with snowflakes. It hangs lightly on a shepherd's hook and has an elegant look many holiday decorations lack.


8. Solar Globe Hanging Holiday Lights
These solar powered globes have discrete solar panels on top. The globes are also equipped with an energy-saving LED lighting unit and provide 12 hours of light at night. In addition, the designs on the globes are interchangeable so that they can be used year round. The available color choices are: red, blue and green.


9.Three Solar Santa Holiday Garden Lights
If you need Santa to complete you and your holiday decorations, here is Santa's face on a stake. The stakes are adjustable and the faces are interchangeable with: Snowman1, Snowman 2, Pumpkin, Heart, American flag, Birdhouse, Lamp Post and Sunstones. Change the decoration to match the season.


10. Solar-Powered String Lights
Solar powered string lights come in many lengths, colors and sizes, but these bright blue ones really give the holiday and different look, twinkling blue up to 8 hours straight. Each light has 100 super-bright LED bulbs with built-in diffusers that last indefinitely.


Go ahead, take advantage of these solar products to decorate your home and garden or give them as a gift during the holidays. Either way, may you spend a joyous season looking at a brighter world.

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