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9 More Solar Powered Lights For the Holidays
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It's a little early, but this holiday season I already have a whole new set of innovative solar powered lights to introduce you to. Take a look at them below; snowmen, snowballs, reindeer, and Santa are what seem to be popular this year.

1. Three Piece Snowman

On the top of my list is my favorite solar powered light, the 3pc Snowman. Doesn't he look so relaxed and jolly? His design makes him look like a snowman resting on his belly, but he is really 3 separate pieces: the head, the jacket and the shoes. The sun powers the solar panel resting on the top of his hat during the day and then lights up his head at night.

2. Simple White String Lights

String lights are important. They help decorate windows, doors, rooftops and more. So here is a 120 bright white string light to wrap around your home. The lights do not blink and the solar unit and the light rope are weatherproof. (Buy Solar String Lights here.)

3. Snowball String Light Set

This elegant solar powered snowball string light set can be hung just about anywhere. It comes with a remote control to change the snowballs from white to multi-colored lights, if you prefer. A separate solar panel charges all day then lights the snowball lights up at night.

4. Solar Jolly Santa Head

If you like Santa and his jolly white beard and jolly smile, but care nothing for his big belly here's a Santa head decoration to greet your visitors as they walk up to your door. Each Santa set comes with two stakex and two Santa heads. There are also snowman heads available if you want to switch it up a bit.

5. Solar Glass Snowmen Heads

I've never seen a glass snowman decoration before. This pair of snowman heads, with black and white top hats is very enlightening. They come in a set of two with stakes to hang them from. The solar panels rest on the top of each hat. The heads illuminate automatically at night and then turn off during the day. No wires are required to set it up.

6. Solar Fountains With Children and Snowman

Kids, happy snowman and glowing water fountains all come together on this cold-cast ceramic decoration. There are two children wearing Santa hats and colorful scarves. One is a boy and the other is a girl. The solar panel is located at the base of the decoration and the ON/OFF button is located on the bottom of the fountain.

7. Solar Lantern Santa

Here comes Santa Claus with a satchel on his back filled with gifts. The light next to him will help him find his way wherever he is headed. The Santa statue decoration is tough and durable. It is designed to handle harsh winter weather and has an extra large solar collecting panel located at the top of the statue to make it easier to charge up wherever it is placed in the sun. The solar light also comes with a fun reindeer if you prefer.

8. Solar Light Combo

These garden stake lights, Snowman, Christmas Tree, Wreath and Bell are made of clear acrylic and change colors at night: blue, green and red. During the day they look like crystal. No wiring is required and they provide 8 to 10 hours of light per night.

9. Solar Powered Ice Fishing Penguins

I think penguins are adorable, so when I saw this I was so excited because I thought it would make a great gift for a family member. The decorative penguin light is hand painted and has a solar panel on the opposite side from the penguins. The polar bear, penguin and fish hang down below the igloo while more penguins with red and white scarves surround the igloo above.

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