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Creative and Romantic Holiday Dating Ideas
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Take advantage of the holiday season to add an extra element of romance to your relationship. Do something fun, different, and creative.
With the crisp autumn colors and winter wonderland enchantment, the holidays provide the ideal backdrop for romantic dates. Instead of the traditional night out of dinner and a movie, find something that fits the season and lets your loved one know you care enough to come up with something different.

Autumn Leaves
Grab your camera and take an afternoon hike through a park. Take snapshots of the foliage in its color-changing splendor. You might even want to pick up a variety of leaves to remember this romantic date.

Ideas for what to do with the pictures:
Build a website to show off the colorful pictures.
Blog about the changes as they happen during the holiday season.
Design a scrapbook or photo album.

Christmas Lights
Pick out a color scheme for your holiday decorations and purchase lights for accent. Make an evening of stringing the lights around your house, apartment, or condo. Afterward, snuggle on the sofa with mugs of hot cocoa.
Plan an evening of driving around after dark to look at other people’s Christmas lights. Some newspapers feature a page of locations where you can find the most elaborate decorations. After you’ve completed your tour, stop at a pancake restaurant or café that serves breakfast all the time.

Horse and Buggy Ride
If you live in or near a city that has horse and buggy rides, spend a cozy evening in the carriage. You can hire most of them by the hour or for a larger block of time. Don’t forget to bring a blanket and a thermos of hot cocoa or tea.
Some smaller towns don’t have horse and buggy rides, but you may be able to find a rancher or farmer who can take you on a tour of the countryside. Look in your newspaper, check Craigslist, or ask your friends for referrals.

Make Food Gift Baskets
Get together with the person you love and plan an evening of making kitchen treats to fill gift baskets. To prevent eating too many sweets while you bake, start out with a platter of sandwiches and a vegetable tray.

Food gift ideas include:
Sugar cookies decorated for the season – Use tins or cellophane bags tied with decorative ribbons.
Gingerbread houses and gingerbread men
Candy – Make enough pralines, divinity, or fudge for everyone on your gift-giving list.
Host a Holiday Party
Invite your mutual friends over for a holiday party. This will require planning, so you’ll get several dates out of this event. Make sure you both participate in making the guest list, mailing invitations, decorating, cooking, and cleanup.

Holiday party ideas for couples:
Hire a Santa to arrive with a bag of party favors.
Play your favorite Christmas CDs.
Go caroling around your neighborhood and come back for refreshments.
Sing Christmas songs on the karaoke.
Ask guests to bring a gift for a child and make a trip to a children’s hospital.
Enjoy the holidays with the person you love by using your creativity to change your dating routine. Have a romantic date of stringing Christmas lights, taking a tour to see decorations, going on a horse and buggy ride, making food gift baskets, or hosting a holiday party.

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