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Creative Christmas Gift Ideas: Gift Baskets & Christmas Wrapping
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Personalize Xmas presents for 2010 with these creative Christmas gift ideas for themed food gift baskets and cheap but original Christmas wrapping.
Times may be tough but Christmas can be made just as special, without spending a fortune, by putting together themed gift baskets for loved ones. Just save tins, jars, boxes and any pretty packaging from other items throughout the year then use them to package these creative Christmas gift ideas based around food for friends and family.

2010 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Food Gift Baskets
Give a thoughtful Christmas gift for 2010 by spending time in the kitchen to create unique food gifts that can be bundled together and either presented in a basket or beautifully wrapped box. Think of a suitable theme for each gift recipient, and then make several items to pull your gift basket together.

Homemade Christmas Present Ideas
Food lovers will appreciate time taken to make these homemade Christmas presents. To make the gift extra special, make sure they are packaged in an original way. For those with a sweet tooth consider a selection of these gifts:
Chewy chocolate cookies – present them in a glass screw-topped jar with a homemade printed label.
Homemade chocolate truffles – a little more adventurous but sure to impress when packaged in a flat box.
Carrot cake cupcakes – make mini cakes with a zesty lemon topping a few days before Christmas for freshness and present in a pretty tin kept in the fridge.
Homemade preserves – chutney made with dried fruits, seasonal fruit jams or orange marmalade with brandy make great thoughtful gifts.
Spicy Food Gift Suggestions
For those who love spicy food, gift suggestions for a themed gift basket include:

Chilli oil – see this article on how to make chilli oil from excess chillies.
Spicy olives – marinate juicy black kalamata olives in virgin olive oil flavored with dried chillies, garlic, rosemary and black pepper.
Spicy chutney – use dried fruits and chilli as the base for a spicy chutney but be sure to prepare a month before Christmas to allow the flavors to develop.
Spice mixes – for Asian food lovers, make batches of spices mixes like garam masala, chat masala or five spice powder by grinding whole spices together and packing the final mix in small re-sealable bags, labeled with messages like lovingly ground especially for you by…
If this all seems like too much hard work, an alternative option is to buy some exotic fruit like kiwi, papaya, guava and pineapple and create a healthy, colorful fruit basket.

Cheap Christmas Wrapping Ideas
Your food gift basket does not have to be an actual basket, of course, although if you can afford the option, they make a double present as baskets can be used for so many things afterwards. The key to making your homemade gift extra special is to make the gift look beautiful so consider these Christmas wrapping ideas:

Brown paper – it may sound cheap and nasty but brown paper can look elegant with the addition of colored ribbon criss-crossed around the parcel and some seasonal holly attached with garden twine. This Good Housekeeping article shows how beautiful simple brown paper wrapping can look.
Clear Cellophane – place a piece of round or square card in the middle of a large square of cellophane, then pull together the edges in a peak and wrap with colored ribbon. Add a hand-drawn (or computer-printed for those who can’t draw) label.
White shoe boxes – put your gift basket items into a white shoe box and either wrap with colored raffia or ribbon or place a single bow on top.
Original Christmas Present Ideas
Be creative this Holiday season and spend time making an original Christmas present to show you care. Make sure the Christmas wrapping is as pretty as possible so your homemade gifts stand out even more.

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