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Holiday Gift Ideas for a High School Boyfriend
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Finding the perfect Christmas or other holiday gift for your high school boyfriend can be stressful. Here are some ideas to take the pressure off.
As the holidays approach, you may find yourself stressing out over finding a gift your boyfriend will love. It may seem easy until you’re faced with slew of options. Before you set out on the gift-searching expedition, consider several factors that may influence your decision.

Ask yourself these questions:
How much money do you have to spend?
How long have you been dating?
How serious is the relationship?
What are his interests?
Has he thrown out any hints – subtle or obvious?
Once you have the answers, you’ll be more focused on your shopping list. Jot down some ideas but be willing to shift if you can’t find what you’re looking for. You may find something he likes at the mall, or you might decide to make him something. If your friends know your boyfriend, bring one or two of them along to help with the final selection. Just make sure to swear them to secrecy.

Great Holiday Gift Ideas for a High School Boy
Most people have a budget to work with, so once you know how much you can spend for all the gifts you have to buy, decide on a price range for your boyfriend’s present. Resist the temptation to go over budget thinking a more expensive gift will make him love you more. It won’t. However, a well thought-out gift will show him you were thinking of him during this special time of year.

Fun gift ideas for your boyfriend:
DVD of his favorite movie
DVD of a season of his favorite TV show
CD of his favorite band
Baseball cap with his favorite team’s logo
Sports blanket with his favorite team’s logo
Gift card for music to put on his iPod
Game for his PlayStation, Xbox or Wii
Sports gear
Something for his car
Homemade Gift Ideas for Your High School Boyfriend
Whether you’re on a tight budget or the creative type, you may decide to make something special for your boyfriend. Most guys will appreciate the effort and time you put into his gift.

Things you can make for your favorite guy:
Framed collage with pictures, ticket stubs and other mementos
Memory box filled with mementos – decorated in his favorite colors or theme
Box filled with his favorite cookies or candies
Calendar with pictures of the two of you
Slideshow put to music from Animoto
Gifts Your Boyfriend Can Enjoy Later
Another gift idea is to give your guy something he can enjoy later, after the busyness of the holidays has faded. This will also remind him of your thoughtfulness and why the two of you are a couple. Many gift items can be found on the Internet, so you won’t even have to leave home to find them.

Gifts ideas for later:
Tickets to a sporting event
Coupon book for your area
Gift cards to any of his favorite stores
When it comes time to pick out a gift for your boyfriend, don’t worry. Make a shopping list with some great gift ideas, create something homemade or find something he can enjoy later.

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