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Christmas Gift Ideas for 16-Year-Old Girls
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Looking for Christmas gift ideas for a 16-year-old girl? Get some great gift ideas for teens before Christmas shopping for a teenage girl.
Holiday shopping can be made even more difficult when the shopper is without great gift ideas for Christmas. It can be especially difficult to come up with great Christmas gift ideas for a 16-year-old girl. Christmas shopping for a teenager can be very difficult.

By age 16, many teens maintain after-school jobs, so they'll often purchase many of the items that would otherwise end up as gift ideas on the teen's Christmas list. This leaves only expensive gift ideas – items that the teenager can't purchase on her own – or some teens may offer up the dreaded response of "I don't know," when asked "What do you want for Christmas?"

So what makes a good gift idea for Christmas when shopping for a 16-year-old girl? Consider some of the following Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas Gift Ideas for 16-year-old Girl – Gifts for the Car for Teenage Drivers
By age 16, many girls are driving. So when Christmas shopping, consider some of the following car-related gift ideas for teens.

Car seat covers and/or car floor mats – Many teens drive older vehicles, so a new set of car floor mats or seat covers can really improve an older car's aesthetics. Dress up the car with a new set of floor mats or seat covers, available in fun designs like Hawaiian flowers, cartoon characters and faux fur.
A new car stereo – A new car stereo makes a great gift idea for a teenage girl. Teens are very music-oriented and to a teen, few things are worse than the dreaded, stone age-era cassette player.
An iPod car mount, cell phone dash mount or Bluetooth headset for cell phone – Encourage safer driving and hands-free cell phone conversations with dash mount and/or Bluetooth headset for the teen's cell phone. For teens who own an iPod, consider an iPod dash mount.
A keychain from Tiffany & Co. – Many teenage girls are very much into designer clothing and jewelry, but few can afford these items on their own. So consider an elegant Tiffany & Co. keychain. Some Tiffany & Co. keychains are available for under $50!
Holiday shoppers who would like to purchase a more practical gift for a teen girl may consider a AAA membership or an emergency kit for the car (comprised of a first aid kit, a jack, flares and other emergency items). In addition to the practical gift of a AAA membership, a few small fun car-related gifts can be included like a new steering wheel cover, fun car air fresheners, a new keychain, a cool license plate frame, or a new set of seat covers or floor mats. Some of these smaller, less expensive items also make great ideas for stocking stuffers for teen girls.

Gift Ideas for Christmas for Teenage Girls – Gift Cards for a Teen Girl
Virtually all 16-year-old girls enjoy shopping and many love brand-name clothing labels like Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Banana Republic and J. Crew, but these items can be too expensive for the teenage girl's budget. So gift cards make a great Christmas gift idea.

But before buying a gift card as a Christmas gift for a teenager, it's important to find out where the teen shops because a girl who shops at Hot Topic will not appreciate a gift card to the Gap! Another option? Purchase a mall gift card, like a Simon Mall gift card, which can be used at any store in the mall.

Gift cards to the movie theatre make another great gift idea for a teen. Most teens really enjoy going out to the movies with friends or a date, so a movie theatre gift card can be very useful.

An iTunes gift card also makes a great Christmas gift idea for a teenager. Even teens who don't own an MP3 player can download the songs onto a computer; the songs are then burned onto a CD. Teens are very music oriented, so most will really appreciate an iTunes gift card.

Other Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens – Concert Tickets, Room Decorations and More
A music-oriented teen will love concert tickets to see her favorite band, so this makes a great gift idea for Christmas. Some teenage girls also enjoy gaming, so a gift card to a gaming retailer like GameStop (or a specific game that she's been eying) can make a great gift idea.

Teenage girls spend lots of time in their bedroom, so cool room decorations make a great gift idea for them! Teen-friendly room decorations are fairly easy to find. Ikea and Target are two great places to find fun lighting (i.e. blacklights, lava lamps, a lighted column of bubbling water), fountains, new curtains, a new comforter set, a new rug and cool chairs.

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